Founded in 1901 by Adolf Schell and Otto Vittali as the company called Schell and Vittali GmbH. Currently the company is managed by Mr. Jürgen Perlet, who became the managing partner of the glass processing company in 1982.

In 1992 Mr. Perlet focused the entire company’s production on the one item which he believed would become the best seller in the future. This made Schell & Vittali the first mass producer of bent toughened/tempered glass in Europe. Since starting this new direction, S&V has developed three production lines in two factories, making Schell & Vittali the leaders in Europe. We primarily serve companies in the sanitation industry, using our curved tempered glass primarily for shower doors and bath screens. During our many years of experience in this field we also serve:

- Fire protection plates
- Kitchen hoods
- Glass sheets for food counters
- Furniture glass for interior
- Structural-facings sector
- Aquariums

While others can make a Curved Tempered piece of Glass - our specialty is having combinations of Straight and Curved Tempered Glass that is optically perfect. So far it is possible for others to make Curved tempered glass, but there are few who have the capabilities of making Curved and Straight together.

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