Osiris and Atun photo
As an aspect of Atum and before the original creation, the Bennu flew over the waters of Nun and then came to rest on a rock. From this rock (the Ben-ben stone), the Bennu’s cry broke the primeval silence and determined what was and what was not to be in the unfolding creation.

Ra and Bennu
In other myths, the Bennu was the Ba of Ra, where the hieroglyphic sign depicting the bird was used to write the name of the sun god. Like the sun god, the Bennu’s own birth is attributed to self generation. As the “Soul of Ra” the sun rose in the form of Bennu to shine out across the world and from the top of the Persea tree which is in Heliopolis - where he renewed himself.

Osiris photo
Rebirth and the Bennu is associated with the god Osiris. From the Book of the Dead, “I go in like a Hawk and I come froth like the Bennu, the Morning Star of Ra; I am the Bennu which is in Heliopolis” and In this passage the Bennu was considered a manifestation of the resurrected Osiris.