People of Green Bennu

Green Bennu was started early in 2010, by Christian Hindsley who began his furniture career at North Carolina State University’s Industrial Engineering Furniture Manufacturing program and now has worked over 15 years in and with furniture factories in China, Italy, Philippines, and United States. After completing his degree at NCSU, Christian worked with several contract furniture companies where he was essential in those company’s successes, growth as well as the development of engineering/drafting/manufacturing departments; databases for reporting and organizing the voluminous amounts of information associated with custom furniture; and standards by which those companies manufactured and sold furniture. Another key element in successful projects was Christian’s willingness to travel to meet with designers, purchasing agents, and properties. Face to face meetings allowed Christian to relay complete understanding of the designers intent and the property’s special needs to the draftsmen and factories who produce the furniture.

Green Bennu has been fueled by the successful ideas that were developed when working with former contract furniture companies, but also fueled with the potential of growing into a company that could provide better/more efficient services and prices for our customers. Years of experience in developing high-end furniture for hotels; great relationships with factories, designers, and hotels; knowledge of how and where to build offices/systems of work; were all contributing factors in the creation of Green Bennu.

Since the start of Green Bennu, many people have recognized that
Green Bennu will “Rise and Shine” in these tough times in the world. Of those people, some most talented and experienced people that Christian worked with in the past and have chosen to join Green Bennu. Currently we have our drafting and customer service office in Cebu, Philippines and then offer manufacturing from factories located in China; Cebu, Philippines; Thailand; and United States.