Sample Making and Prototyping

Green Bennu excels in making samples and prototypes for furniture because of our experience in developing furniture, the visualization tools drawing furniture, and having intimate relationships with factories and sampling rooms.

With over 15 years experience in contract furniture,
Green Bennu’s engineers understand the details that need to go into a furniture drawing. Our experience in contract furniture allows us to account for many of the details that which a typical furniture company may not recognize. Such as laws for Fire Codes, how furniture will be moved in and out of a building, engineering furniture for extreme or unique climates, Ergonomics of installing the furniture, reduction of size for optimized container space, and construction for high traffic use.

Our next advantage is that we can render our furniture directly from the AutoCAD drawings, this gives us a very accurate idea of how the furniture should look when it is completed. It also allows us to test and show the relationships between various pieces of furniture. For example knowing how a set of chairs fit under a table can be very helpful. We are capable of making changes to drawings very quickly and you will have an accurate image of the furniture to approve even before furniture is created.

Green Bennu has worked and developed many sample rooms throughout Asia creating a lasting relationship with them. This relationship allows us to choose which facility is best for making samples as well as allowing us to ensure the details in your furniture are correct.