Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Green Bennu is offering the service of Quality Control and Quality Assurance to customers that need a comfort level or a set of eyes on product being produced by others. Our quality control and engineer teams understand the manufacturing process and can provide you with various reports confirming the status of your product and will also offer our recommendations to improve quality and efficiency. Reporting forms can include
  • Written Document that provides an overview of what has been seen in the factory
  • Document on the production schedule
  • Photographs showing the factory, product, and details of the product.
  • A video “walk-through” of the factory: We will either upload the video or send you the Flash disk via FED EX
  • Video Conference reviewing your product and factory

This is a great service to people that are in Europe or the Americas as this service can be a huge savings to your budget. A one week business trip to Asia can easily cost over $10,000 USD (Business Class), the traveler is usually fighting Jet Lag the entire trip, and you are away from your “Real Job” for a week plus recovery time when you return home.