Furniture Drafting and Rendering Services

Regardless if you utilize the services of Green Bennu for manufacturing, we can help you with drafting and renderings. Green Bennu’s team is using the latest AutoCAD products and can transform the roughest idea into a complete AutoCAD drawing and render using 3ds MAX. Given images of the finish colors and materials your product is to be composed, we can render your furniture or product; giving you a very accurate idea of how it will look when it is completed. This is a GREAT SALES TOOL to
GET orders and an even better way to reduce the cost of sampling product that may not be what you want or need.

We offer several different packages depending on your needs and who will be making the production:
  • From Sketches
    • Shop Drawings
    • AutoCAD Drawings
    • AutoCAD Drawings and Renderings
  • From AutoCAD
    • Corrected Shop Drawings
    • Corrected AutoCAD drawings
    • Renderings
  • With Green Bennu sampling the product
  • With Green Bennu producing your product

For inquires on making drawings please email