Custom Contract Furniture Services of Green Bennu

With the manufacturing of Custom Contract Furniture being our first focus, Green Bennu can help you in taking your ideas from a back of an envelope squiggle to a well engineered and finely finished piece of furniture. The basic areas of service are:
  • Project Management
  • Drafting and Renderings
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • On Site Consulting

Project Management
Communicating mostly through email, SKYPE, and telephone; we strive to learn all of your projects specifications. Our project managers will enter all of this information into our database and send back to you in the form of an “At A Glance” showing a thumbnail of the item being created along with the relevant information about your project (Description, dimensions, quantity, materials, finishes, hardware, COM/COL, and Notes about the item). As the project develops, Green Bennu’s project managers will be there to help you in organizing quotations, calculating COM/COL requirements, estimating container loads, and tracking shipping of goods.

As we get your ideas, begin drawing your item with our artist and CAD draftsmen, presenting back to you sketches and renderings confirming your ideas. At Green Bennu we are using the latest AutoCAD version with 3ds MAX so it is possible to quickly create accurate renderings and technical drawings.

Product Development
When you are satisfied with images of your items,
Green Bennu will find the correct factory to sample your item. Correct meaning the factory not only knows how to produce your furniture item, but the factory is using the correct materials, all wood is dried to the proper moisture content, and finishing chemicals are of the highest quality. Green Bennu’s engineers and quality control teams will be with the factory through out the sampling process. Ensuring your design details are properly conveyed into your sample item. When the item is completed we will send photos for you to review ensuring your confidence in our item.

Green Bennu does not own any factories, we have an intimate relationship with many factories throughout China and the Philippines. Our relationship allows for our team of engineers and quality controllers to work/direct the factory’s engineers/technicians/craftsmen to ensure that we are getting correct materials, best quality, and full attention to details. When it comes time to running production, Green Bennu will place your items in a factory that can produce your items and achieve the quality levels needed and be there watching over the production to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Quality Control
While ensuring quality in Green Bennu’s production is a given fact, Green Bennu also offers the services of quality control for items or production that you may be running elsewhere. Whether it is a container of lamps or furniture or a custom run of fabric, we can apply our same Quality Control procedures that we apply with our furniture and report back to you all the details of that production without the expense and hassle of having to travel tens of thousands of miles to a remote factory in Asia. We can report via photos and documents; provide digital videos; and in some factories make international video conferencing allowing you to “Review Remotely”.

On Site Consulting
Even though the world has become much closer through better communication tools, still the best and fastest way to a complete understanding is a “face to face” meeting. While this more difficult to set up, there are so many benefits that we will make the trip to see you. When we visit properties, it allows us to learn details that rarely get communicated through email, such as: meeting the house keeping and seeing the tools they use to clean the rooms; seeing the loading docks and the corridors that items must pass to get into the room where they will be placed; meeting the engineers of the building and understanding how they will need to access/service devices that may be concealed in the furniture (TVs, stereos, refrigerators, Air Conditioning sensors, DVD’s, game systems, and computers); knowing the owners/managers of the hotel; as well as just understanding the environment of the property, and construction of the building.