Project Management Services

From the realization that Contract Furniture projects are very complex: all the different items that go into a hotel or resort, each of those items have many different details/specifications,
Green Bennu has developed a system to organize this information. Our system allows for a standardized format of specification pages, tracking of approvals for the various items, production status, and shipping status, where by a purchasing agent rely on Green Bennu to help control all of the different items in the project.

With our services we can coordinate the production of other companies as well as our own production. With our offices located in Asia, we are in many of the same time zones as the factories where product is being produced. We can track the progress of your items and keep you abreast of factory statuses.

We can also help in maximizing container loads and shipping schedules. We are utilizing container optimization programs and can look to consolidate containers regionally. It is also possible for us to visit the factories with our QC team and assure the product meets to your specification before shipping.